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A watch is not a cheap purchase. It is a product for the rest of your life. That is why you deserve the best service when purchasing your watch. To make our vision reality, we created three promises we deliver with every purchase:

- Fair prices
- Insured express delivery worldwide
- Authenticity guarentee

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Trusted seller

Trophies Watches is a trusted Chrono24 seller. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. You can buy your watch via our website, via appointment or Chrono24. A trusted checkout is always a possibility.

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Have you found the watch of your dreams? And want to take a closer look? No problem, you are very welcome to come and see.

Or are you in doubt? And would you like some advice? Even then you are welcome to view a watch. 

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We help you

With becoming a master in watches

In our online magazine, we inform you about the latest news in the watch business. And in our online library you will find useful tricks and tips: from the history of watches to finding out the Rolex serial number.

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Trophies Watches

The vision

We believe that a watch is not just a product that tells time. We believe that a watch has a history, emotion and more value than money.
We focus on the people who want a watch because they deserve it. Who have worked for it, who consider wearing it as a memory and the emotional value?

Trophies Watches is here for those people.

We practice what we preach. We sell quality watches only at a fair price. We think service is the most important, which is why we are always there for you.

The latest watch news

Magazine & Library

You can find the years of production from your Rolex at Trophies watches.


We help you find out the year of your Rolex. You can do this by comparing the serial number of your Rolex with this diagram.

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Rolex Tru-Beat an unique Rolex with a vary rare complication

The Rolex "6556" Tru-Beat

The Rolex Tru-Beat an incredible technical phenomenon from Rolex. Never before was a complication such as in the 1040 caliber used in a watch. Beca...

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